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Germany Turns On Obama!

June 17, 2013

Just in time for Obama’s little visit! And oh-so-“historic” speech at the Brandenburg Gate, for which, btw, only hand-selected guests will allowed to be near.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung (“South German Newspaper”), a decidedly left-wing paper, sees the light as does much of the German media nowadays. Privacy is something Germans take very seriously: They’ve had their Hitler and they know what he would have done with the power of surveillance that Obama now has – and abuses.

Orwell 1984 - Obama 2013

Süddeutsche Illustration: Sinisa Pismestrovic

This is from the “Tagesspiegel”, published in Berlin:


Und wer darf beim begehrtesten Dinner des Jahres dabei sein? Am Mittwochabend laden Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel und ihr Mann Professor Joachim Sauer den US-Präsidenten Barack Obama und seine Frau Michelle ins Schloss Charlottenburg ein. Auf Fragen nach der Gästeliste reagieren alle beteiligten Stellen fast erschrocken, als wolle man gerade ein Staatgeheimnis knacken. Die fürs Protokoll zuständige Sprecherin beim Auswärtigen Amt hat dazu gar keine Informationen, und auch im Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung ist offiziell nichts bekannt.

Mal spontan vorbeischauen? Unmöglich. Während der Rede sowie einige Zeit davor und danach dürfen sich Passanten nur auf etwa einen Kilometer dem Brandenburger Tor nähern. Public Viewing ist während der Rede nicht vorgesehen.


“And just who’s allowed to be present at the hottest Dinner of the Year? Chancellor Merkel and her husband Professor Joachim Sauer invited Pres. Obama and his wife, Michelle, to the Charlottenburg Castle on Wed. evening. When asked for the guest list everyone involved reacted with shock, as if we were trying to crack state secrets. The Federal Foreign Office employee responsible for protocol had no information and the Federal press- and information office knew nothing official.

Show up spontaneously? Impossible. During the speech and a good deal of time before and after the public will have to keep a KILOMETER away Public viewing of the speech is not planned.” (my bold)

My note: 1 kilometer is roughly a third of a mile!.
Undoubtedly the many TV cameras will be close and well placed though!

The Power of We the People – MUST SEE video of individuals fighting UN Agenda 21 in the Bay area: HELL NO! NO PLAN BAY AREA!

April 28, 2013

I did not film this nor was I in the crowd, however fighting Agenda 21 is one of the most important issues of our time. This video shows that power still lies in our hands if we stand up and make use of our (remaining) freedoms!

In the Bay area the fight has just begun. The Post Sustainablility Institute, Democrats against UN Agenda 21 and Freedom Advocates are suing in order to stop “Plan Bay Area”, a 13,000 page planning document being shoved down citizens’ throats with no ample time for citizens to read the “plan” and no citizen vote.

This is a UN Agenda Plan and it must be stopped.

Please support their lawsuit with a donation. Their fight is OUR fight. They MUST win and set precedence for us all.

And pls do get informed about UN AGenda 21at Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. We can scream and rant about our do-nothing congress but THIS is something WE CAN STOP. Let’s do it!


March 1, 2013

This is my entry to this year’s CPAC’s video contest. Please venture on over to youtube and like it! Thanks!

Thank you to very Nice Deb who posted this vid in her Saturday Matinee Sequestration Follies! Deb also has a great post on Breitbart, with a photo of her and Breitbart & a vid from his wake with ppl remembering him.

People’s Choice Blog Award voting has started: Go Deb!

White House “MO in the Sno” Photoshop Challenge

February 19, 2013

Abominable SNO MO 175

Poor MO – the victim of drone surveillance!!!

Whitehouse Skeet Shooter Photoshop Challenge

February 4, 2013

Citizen D shooter

Support the HOBBY LOBBY BUYCOTT, Jan 5!

December 30, 2012


As of January 1, Hobby Lobby will be fined $1.3 million PER DAY for not complying with the Obama-“care” Tax&Contraception mandate. The owners’ religious beliefs and all of our religious freedoms are, yet again, under attack by the Obama regime.

Hobby Lobby’s costs will be exorbitant: Whether for lawyers, government fines or both – HOBBY LOBBY needs our ONGOING support! Let’s give them a blast of it on Jan 5 and keep it up as long as necessary!!

h/t: fireandreamitchell and nicedeb

Stealing from Dinesh D’Souza

September 23, 2012

Yesterday I saw a wave of “conservative” activity online that both angered and dismayed me: A stream of conservative bloggers and commenters flagrantly posted and reposted a link to Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2016: Obama’s America, headlining: “Now online in its entirety on Youtube”.

The blogosphere raced to watch and download (and upload?) 2016 for free. Meaning, of course, that Dinesh D’Souza and everyone else involved with this film, a film so incredibly important to history, to this election, a film that was 3 years in the making, received no royalties for the viewings.

When I followed the link to the video yesterday it had roughly 13,700 hits. At a $10/movie ticket price, the filmmakers lost $137,000 via that youtube link alone, assuming only 1 viewer at a time watched it. Of course there’s no way of calculating how often the film was downloaded and the exponential number of viewers and lost income resulting from that.

The upload date was August 14, meaning it the video was uploaded around the time or before 2016 hit the wider theater market.

It was uploaded by a conservative blogger affiliated with a very well known conservative blog. It was deceptively titled “Vimeo” and uploaded as an “unlisted video”. None of this was secret: Every person who went to the link could clearly see that the video was not on Dinesh’s youtube channel nor any channel that appeared to be affiliated with the film. Everyone could see that there was no video description and was not “findable” via a youtube search.

Did anyone care? Did any bloggers think to openly refuse to post the link? How many bloggers/commenters informed Dinesh D’Souza and/or Lionsgate that the video had been posted for all to see and download??? Dinesh’s own contact info is easily searchable: Did anyone bother to contact him?

Instead, what I witnessed was a virtual feeding frenzy as conservative bloggers and commenters rushed to spread the word and consume the “freebie”. In some cases, bloggers even justified their actions by citing a purported lack of film availability:

“The thing that’s bad is that Dinesh D’Souza’s movie is not available on DVD yet…and it is not available streaming. The movie is not playing in theaters convenient to 80% of the public.”

– Kevin Dujan, Hillbuzz

After the movie was pulled later in the day due to copyright infringement (something I, as a filmmaker, consider truly “bad”!), some bloggers & commenters encouraged others to wait for the inevitable illegal upload!

“I would not be surprised if it goes up again…but if you ever see it posted, you better start watching it fast because it will be yanked again”

(Above is just one example of many…)

A few bloggers did remove their link and comments, usually after the video was removed by Youtube. I viewed several “2016 on youtube” threads, but the sole person I saw clearly speak out against it was TheTamminator, who posted to her credit:

“I won’t watch stolen movies on the internet. That’s stealing.”

As for the rest of the so-called conservatives? The very tenet of capitalism, which relies on people paying for the goods they receive, flew out the window as soon as they were able to get the goods for free!

Is watching 2016 without paying for it, without legal permission, some kind of conservative entitlement?

Where was the honor, the honesty, the morals so often touted?? What happened to PAYING SOMEONE FOR THEIR WORK rather than stealing it because the opportunity presented itself?

Everyone who followed that youtube link could see that something was not right. The video was falsely titled, there was no accompanying public announcement from Lionsgate or Dinesh that the vid had been posted, and we all know that the DVD will be released in the near future. Newsflash, people: Filmmakers rely on people paying to see and purchase their films. Everyone could and should have waited for official confirmation before posting and spreading that link.

The person who uploaded it is undoubtedly – at the very latest since yesterday – known to Lionsgate. That person may have breached Dinesh’s/Lionsgate’s trust or it may have been others who publicly posted the link. That said, if the poster had permission to upload 2016 at all, it could have been listed as “private” rather than “unlisted”, thus preventing anyone else from “sharing” the link.

Alas, he did not.

And rather than protect Dinesh, Lionsgate and all the others involved in the making of 2016, conservative bloggers COLLECTIVELY participated in counterproductive, dishonest and damaging copyright infringement.

Shame on all of you.

How can we expect anyone to make important films like this in the future if we all jump at the chance to distribute and steal their work without paying them?

Dinesh D’Souza is someone I greatly admire. This was his first film. He is one of the gentlest souls I’ve seen in politics a long time, and one of the most intelligent. He cares about this country, he cares about us. He is the last person we should steal from!

Make this up to him and straighten out your own karma at the same time. The 2016 DVD can be pre-ordered NOW and all of his books are out there for purchase too.

Do the right thing. And be sure to read his latest article.


UPDATE: Dinesh & PJTV talk about the film’s distribution and future availabilty.

Dinesh points out the importance of the theater release:

“We want people to go to the theater, by the way, we want people to go to the theater because it’s so important, particularly for this kind of film that’s against the grain to demonstrate that it can do well at the box office, so we’re not done with that by any means.”

– Dinesh D’Souza

Posted & tweeted about by NiceDeb – thanks!