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Wonder of the Willehadi Church

August 11, 2013

Is this a miracle? It certainly is wondrous: The Willehadi Church in Garbsen, Germany was burned to the ground during Ramadan on August 29, 2013.

It is believed that “immigrant” (i.e. Muslim) youths were responsible for its demise. There had been a string of small fires set around the church previously. Certain is that “immigrant” youths were laughing, shooting video and taking photos as the church burned:

Amazingly, Willehadi’s figure of Christ remained intact with a charred beam of the church falling on his shoulder as if Jesus were again shouldering a cross.


The Church’s own homepage refers to this as symbolic:

Dieser Christus muss den Balken der Zerstörung schultern. Und so trägt auch Willehadi die Not der Stunde und wird aus der Asche eine neue Kirche bauen.

Translation: This Christ must shoulder the Beam of Destruction. And so will Willehadi carry the emergency of the hour and build a new church from its ashes.

Insurance will pay for much of the rebuilding, but it won’t replace everything including the specially built Ebner organ, which was a mere 6 years old. If you’d like to help restore Willehaldi, the Church posted its bank info, which I’ve updated to include the info non-German banks will need to wire funds:

IBAN (International Bank Account Number): DE43250501800910188254

BIC (Business Identifier Code): SPKHDE2HXXX

Bank name: Sparkasse Hannover

Note: It’s advisable to consolidate funds before wiring the money. Your bank, as well as the Sparkasse Hannover, will take a fee for processing (usually approximately $30 on each side), so get enough $$ together to make it worthwhile!

HT Gates of Vienna

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